Lydia Andrioti is a visual artist who has been working on curatorial and educational programs. Currently working and living in between Athens, Greece and Brooklyn, NY. In 2012 she received her MFA in New Forms from Pratt Institute, NY, USA. Her BA studies include: Painting and Mixed media at the Athens School of Fine Arts in 2008 (Athens, Greece), and the Erasmus course in visual arts at Ecole Nationale Superieure De Beaux Arts (Paris, 2006). She has participated and organized exhibitions in NY and Europe.

Andrioti is exploring representations of emotional places by unfolding visual vocabularies. She uses media incorporated within installations including: actions, re-enactments, video projections, sound, drawings, collages, photographs, sculptures, ready-mades, where she often utilizes the site-specific character of the space. Her focus, on the forms of the steps, the wheel and the light, mainly related with the symbolism of personal and social knowledge. Tracing back to the work of the Polish artist Katarzyna Kobro on her theories of Functionalism and Unism and the relation of primary automatic acts with scientific organization, labor with entertainment and the migrative with the static.  The cornerstone of the current work is the stage and the various conceptual implications that evolve them referencing to the theoretical work of F.Nietzsche “The end of tragedy and the case of Wagner” where she focuses on the 2 forms of art: the Apollonian and the Dionysian. In her photographs and drawings she uses various points of view of the stage/performative space that are not available for the viewer in order to discuss and reveal private points of view of the public and the staged.



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