06 // consomation

Imperial Hotel room Blueprint for “Consomation ”

Consomation at Iasonos Street – “Visions” at Imperial Hotel in Athens, by Kappatos Gallery, curatorial by L.Tsikouta, May 2006
Installation (maped video projection on graved window, light, sound) with the act of viewing incorporated as an element in the work.

The purpose of this installation is to capture a common activity with elements both fictional and documented. The very nature of this hotel room and its location offer an experience to the visitor, featuring a theme with various definitions about the local society’s structure.
An engraved  window with a view towards Iasonos Street, marks a forced viewpoint in this area of Athens, which is full of brothels and ‘consomation’ bars. The surface of the graved window is illuminated by a projected video, showing the nearby traffic of people. A continuous sound piece from a ‘consomation’ bar located in this street is presented, featuring discussions between the women offering themselves as merchandise and the men who are interested in. The noises are distorted due to the parallel noise-piece captured from the sounds of public works.

The attempt is to capture the true nature of this activity, not by dramatizing it as a documentary film, but by focussing on the banality of the interaction itself. In order to achieve this, I collaborated  with prostitutes, their clients and owners of ‘consomation’ bars in this area of Athens and in Paris.

 Graved hotel room window and projection screen area, 240x200cm, 2006
View of Iasonos street (platform for graved window), 2006