13 // functional utopias

Site specific installation at Pratt studios gallery, Brooklyn, NY, 2011.

“Functional utopias”, a wooden installation accompanied with a A4 print, uses the form of the steps and the various conceptual implications that evolve them, primarily the symbolism of individual and social knowledge, our shifted focus from the 3 dimmentional social life to the 2 dimmentional post internet society. The architectural form of the steps, stairs and ladders are recorded in Pre-Columbian and Ancient Egypt civilizations, thus referring to the ritualistic character of modern society. The cornerstone of this work is organization, labor, game and migration. Tracing back to the work of the Polish artist Katarzyna Kobro on her theories of Functionalism and Unism, and Jean J. Rousseau’s reveries the attempt is to amalgamate their practices into hybrids for conversation.

These steps you cannot physically step on but you can mentally

Lydia Andrioti 2012, “Structure MMXII”, site specific installation, wood and A4 paper


“Structure MMXII”, site specific installation, wood (detail)



Lydia Andrioti 2012, “Cut the lines & Fold the interrupted ones to make your own”, A4 paper print




Lydia Andrioti 2012, “Structure MMXII”, action on site specific installation, wood



“Labor/Structure” action



“Step on step, up and down, here the world that goes around”, action