05 // view from my window

Video projections, drawing, ready-mades reproductions of Parthenon Frieze and Metopes. Crawford Municipal Museum, Cork, Ireland 2005

The purpose of this installation is to demonstrate the continious traveling of the Acropolis through time. In order to reveal the fragmentary character of the monument, I chose to show a history of continious restoration, demolition, reproduction and movement.

The sound, the rope, the projections, and the installation represent in total part of the “view of my window”, and the very nature of the involvement and influence of different people in the monuments complex history

(A miniature replica from the Elgin Marbles hung with a pre-existing rope in the auditorium. A video from the restoration process, taken from my studio, with a crane visible so as to produce the impression that this metope was being installed on the auditorium or on the monument , was projected. To complete the installation a sound piece, of the voice of a guide from the British Museum explaining the original construction of the monument.)


Metope and projected video


Paper drawing, ink, projected video 350X40 cm