11 // visitors guide

“Visitors Guide”, a book produced after a research concerning the following topics:
Aristophanes play “the Birds” where the core scenario starts with 2 men arguing on whether there is better place to live. On their search they ask the birds if they have visited a place where people are not arguing over laws. After the negative response of the birds, the 2 men decide to build a city in between the humans and the Gods, with the help of the birds. When the walls of their city where builded the Gods could not smell the sacrifices of the humans (from which they were feeding from) and a war was occurred between humans and Gods.
Route maps of  “Sterna paradisea” a bird and the most migrative species on earth, as it is always following the Sun.
A poem titled “The Mass of Birds” written by David Ap Gwylym in 14th century
Online research and a map on natural disasters, 3rd world countries, wars, conflicts that took place during 1 Jan 2011- 3 May 2011